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The church was built and organized by town residents circa 1850.  The building was used for more than a
century as a place of worship.   The evolution of this church is reflective of the evolution of many churches
throughout Maine.   After the merging of two local churches, the need for this church grew less important
and the building gradually deteriorated.    
The Lovell United Church of Christ was devoted to the
building, but could no longer afford the maintenance and
therefore, considered selling the building to preservation
minded people.   It was the potential sale of the property that
prompted  a group of Lovell residents to discuss various ideas
for making the historic building useful and functional. This
opportunity, in conjunction with the need of the town to have
more multi-functional space, gave birth to the creation of a
nonprofit group to provide the framework for the future.

The structure is a classically proportioned, single-gable
building containing its original massive, double hung windows
that allow light to fill the open space within.
The Brick Church
for the Performing Arts