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This photo of the belfry was taken before
the restoration.
These two photos were taken after the restoration.
These internal reinforcements were put in to keep the belfry from collapsing.  
Belfry Restoration        

Work is underway to restore and preserve the structure and integrity of the historical and architecturally significant building.  The belfry was last
replaced in 1982 (the photos below are from this restoration), and we needed your help to cover the estimated $60,000 required to fix the lovely
steeple. The bell is sound and will ring again as a result of your generosity.   Thanks!
Interior Restoration and Redecorating       

Recently, the Board along with other volunteers began repainting the interior of the church,
patching plaster and starting work that will include a new stage floor and back drop to highlight
performers and make the church a top-notch arts center!   This work will continue into May, 2011
to be ready for 2011 season beginning in June.  
The Brick Church
for the Performing Arts